Incorporating Student Data Binders in the Primary Classroom

Hi All,  I can't believe that winter break has come and gone in a blink of the eye. I don't know if you're on the same page as me but I could totally use another week of winter break. I have thoroughly enjoyed laying around in my yoga pants and enjoying family time. Don't tell anyone but this teacher hasn't done a thing school related since break started. It was definitely a nice little break. But now it is time to kick my bottom into gear and get focused on my sweet little firsties once again. 

So here I am blogging today to share with you about how I involve my students in the goal setting process and tracking their progress. I had been looking for an all inclusive student data binder for a while but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So I knew that I needed to create it for myself. And I must say I am so glad that I took the time to do so. This year my students have loved being involved in setting their goals and tracking their progress.
When I started at the beginning of the year with my first graders I started with the simplest goal setting page. On this page, since it was the beginning of the year with my first graders I scribed their goals for them. This process was a lengthy one and was done in a one on one setting. Here is the page I used at the beginning of the year with my students. 
At this point in the year when we begin school again, I will allow my students to write their own goals. I will guide my students through the process as a class. What I like most about this goal setting page is that the students are able to not only create an academic goal but a behavior and personal goal too. 
You can find a variety of goal planning pages included so you can use what works best for your students. 

Once my students have set their goals I will discuss their goals with them during guided reading. This will allow them to know that I am also invested in their goals and we are working together as a team. We can then develop a plan together and begin to start working towards achieving their desired goal. Here are examples of goal planning pages that can be used. 
Once we have come up with a plan for their goal we can begin tracking their goal. I understand not every child will have the same type of goal which is why I have included various tracking pages for their data binder. Some of my studnets are still working on letters and sounds, while others are working on reading fluency. Here are some examples of data tracking pages.

My favorite part of having my students create their own goals and track their progress is watching their excitement as they get close to achieving their goal. I mean that is why we became teachers after all. Those little light bulb moments are the best part of our jobs.

I love celebrating my students and their achievments so I created achievment certificates.
 I also allow my students to hit an "EASY" button from Staples to celebrate meeting their goal(s).

If you are thinking it's the middle of the year and too late to start something like this you are wrong. Right now is the perfect time to jump in especially with the new year. If you are interested in grabbing this all inclusive editable student data binder you can grab it here in my TPT store.

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