10+ Useful Dollar Tree Finds that Can be Used in the Elementary Classroom

All over Instagram and Facebook we see the amazing finds that people are finding in the Target Dollar Spot. Don't get me wrong I am one of Target's BIGGEST fans and love a good Dollar Spot find. However, those Dollar Spots are mostly "seasonal"  and only found during the Back to School craze. Aside from those that they have now included on their online site under Bullseye's Playground. Today I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE classroom finds from the DOLLAR TREE!
#1 Snack Box Containers 

Okay I have to admit whenever I find these containers I snatch them up because let's be real they can be hard to find. That's probably because they have so many things that they can be used for both in and outside of the classroom. I personally use them to neatly hold crayons in my table supply caddies. I also use them to store center game pieces such as dice, snap cubes, timers, etc... I also have used these snack containers for mini eraser storage. 

#2 Acrylic Picture Frames

These frames are perfect for stations. In my classroom I use them during Meet the Teacher & Open House to house my station signs. During the school year I also use them in my centers to show/remind students of the center expectations. You could even use them for table numbers, student of the week recognition, and table check ins. 

#3 Facial Scrub Circles
You've probably seen these all over the GRAM. They are great for erasing dry erase pockets or white boards. I believe they come 4 to a pack and come in a variety of colors. When they get dirty you can wash them with soap and water or put them in a lingerie bag in the washing machine.

#4 Game Spinners

I found these game spinners in the "teacher" school supply section. These spinners are great for math center games. Students can spin the spinner and show the number on a ten frame or build it using snap cubes. They can also be used in an addition or subtraction center. On a non math related note when students are working in pairs they can spin the spinner to decide who is going to go first. The person who spins the smallest number could go first or vice versa.

#5 Plastic Craft Organizer

These plastic organizers are typically found near the craft supplies at Dollar Tree. I love using these containers because they are a great way to organize and keep all of my Dollar Spot mini erasers. These containers can also be great for holding art supplies or game pieces. 

#6 Snack Containers

These circle/square snack containers are great for containing game dice. They 
keep the dice from flying across the room during math games and other activities. I personally like to use foam dice in my classroom because they are quiet and allow me to not have to listen to the rattling and clanking sound of dice. 

#7 Mini Tumbling Tower Blocks

These mini tumbling tower blocks are so versatile. I use them in my classroom as a morning tub activity. I also have sets with review concepts on them such as math facts, numbers, sight words, cvc words, and more! Before purchasing the colored tumbling tower from amazon I colored the ends of the blocks with sharpies. That allowed me to use the blocks for multiple review games without having to put the review concepts physically on the blocks. You can check out my tumbling tower review games that I use with my students. 

#8 Activity Trays

I absolutely love how 1, 2, 3 Teach uses these activity trays from the dollar tree. I've seen them in the four colors pictured. The options are really endless for these trays. They are perfect for any time of sorting activity. You could sort math facts to show their sum/difference, sort by color, shapes, sizes, and even use them to sort word patterns. 

#9 Water Bottles

Around back to school season and summer you can find colorful and bright water bottles. These water bottles are great for end of the year gifts, athletic clubs, or even beginning of the year gifts. I customized my students water bottle gifts using my Silhouette Cameo. The kids were so excited to have a personalized water bottle. 

#10 Recess/Chaperone Kit Supplies

Last year, I was scrolling through the Gram and came across a teacher who created recess kits for her team. I thought this was genius and had to do it for my team. Dollar Tree had everything I needed to put inside their recess pouch. The tissues came in a 4 pack, mini hand sanitizer, and fun Emojii bandaids. We all know the tiniest scrape needs a bandaid especially out on the playground. And then I thought WOW! This would be a great idea for field trips. Chaperones can always use these essentials while on a field trip and what an easy way to tote them around.

#11 Hair Rollers for Word Work

When I came across this idea on Planet Happy Smiles Instagram I thought it was genius!!! I love how she has her students use the hair rollers to build their word work words. What kid wouldn't want to practice spelling using these fun hair rollers?!? 

I hope through this blog post you were able to get some inexpensive ideas for activities that you can incorporate into your classroom. 

Do you have a favorite item from the Dollar Tree that you use in YOUR classroom? If so, I'd love for you to share it below in the comments and let me know how/what you use it for! 

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