Fun Fall Classroom Finds for the Primary Classroom Under $5

Hey Everyone! Something you probably don't know about me yet is that I'm addicted to Target's Dollar Spot & Dollar Tree. Both places always have fun seasonal items that are perfect for your classroom or lesson. And HEY! Who can beat $1-$5!?!
I have to admit I have a problem and can't resist going to Target and not stopping to check out the Dollar Spot even though I always seem to walk out with at least 5 extra things on a good day. 
Anyone else have this problem? 

Today, I want to share some of my favorite fall classroom finds with you. The best part is they are all under $5.00!
Witch Fingers- These fingers are $3.00/pack and can be found in the Halloween party section of Target. They are perfect for students to use as reading pointers. My firsties love using their witch's finger during guided reading groups and independent reading time. 
Blank Pumpkin Books- These adorable shaped blank books are found in Target's Dollar Spot. These books come 6 to a pack and are just $3.00. There are a variety of shapes depending on your Target.  I have seen pumpkin ones with a white and orange cover, haunted house ones, as well as plain black and purple square books. These blank books are perfect for students to publish a fall narrative story or even create an informational book. My students will be using these books to write an informational pumpkin book!
Grow Me Spiders- These spiders are found in Target's Dollar Spot and are perfect for a halloween science investigation. Students can go through the scientific process to predict what they think will happen to the spider when put in different liquids and can record their observations. 
Bat Garland- This bat garland is also found in Target's Dollar Spot. This garland is pefect if your class is learing about BATS! You can use this garland to help transform your classroom into a bat cave while you read and learn all about bats. You can read more about how to transform your classroom into a bat cave over at Fun in First's blog. 

Ice Cube Trays- These seasonal ice cube trays are found at Dollar Tree. Target's Dollar Spot sometimes carries similar ice cube trays. However, I have not seen any this year. These ice cube trays make for the perfect seasonal ten frame. Just make sure to count the spaces because as you can see the black ice cube tray on the right only has 8 spaces. But the orange pumpkin one has 10!
the perfect manipulative for these ten frames are festive mini erasers! 
photo credit: Oriental Trading
You can find these erasers in the Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree, or even on Oriental Trading. 

I hope that this post has helped you gain some new ideas on fall items that your can incoorporate into your classroom and lessons.

What are your favorite Fall Classroom Finds? 
I'd love to hear about them in the comments below...

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