It's Fall Y'ALL!!!

It's October! It's October! I can't believe it is FINALLY October!!
I'm so excited that it is finally October because that means it's FALL! I must admit, fall has become my favorite season especially now that I'm living in Tennessee. I have literally been waiting for fall to come since I moved here in January. I love the cool weather, watching the leaves change colors, and wearing my cozy sweaters and boots. Oh, and how could I forget my FAVORTIE fall Starbucks drink... Carmel Apple Spice Latte! It is just simply amazing and makes any fall day even more perfect. AND fall break is just right around the corner for this teacher. Just 5 school days until I'm officially on fall break!

Well I guess I should get to the real reason I am blogging today, to give you a look at my themed fall book display.
My themed book display changes monthly and holds our seasonal read alouds and books. My students love coming in the first school day of each month to see what new books are on display. This month our book display is filled with bats, pumpkins, skeletons, and mummies. 
                                  Some of my favorites on display are Click Clack Boo, Skippy Jon Jones Costume Craze, and of course ...Stellaluna!
What are your favorite fall read alouds? 
Also, this month after our fall break I will be introducting our CLASS PET to my firstiesHead on over to the Primary Punchbowl to read all about How to Have a Class Pet Without the Stress and Mess! This blogpost is great if you can not have live animals in your class, have students with allergies, or just don't have the time to take care of a class pet!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. 
Happy Fall Y'All!

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